Explication 2003

This is a poem I wrote during my travails in AP English. It’s got some issues with meter, which I tried to patch up now (but you’ll see I didn’t quite succeed). But at least it gets the message across.

At first
  Words strewn across the page I found
And they
  Struck me with their discordant sound
A robin (neither here nor there)
The wind of ages, the morning air

  Clarity comes into view
The whole
  Is greater than e'er I knew
The robin floats upon the breeze
A fateful traveler on shifting seas

By now
  The whole idea is lucid
I see
  It all and nothing more is hid
The robin is of course just me
The gusts of wind---what is to be

Yet wait!
  Too far have I gone in
I've flown
  Too high into the sunny wind
All that's left are a beak and wings
No air stirs them, those lifeless things