Ballad of an Applicant 2004

Alone on empty waves of blue
Amidst the serene sea
The surface broken by my oars
Advancing steadily

The tiny speck that was my boat
Creaked with each passing row
Among the azure sky I felt
The clouds begin to grow

The crackle of the ocean air
Blew froth into the sky
The colors shifting towards the dark
My sole defense: a sigh

And with this heave a torrent came
The blackness burst to blue
Still I unfazed by sudden drench
The flurry paddled through

A billow blew--the battle cry
The waves were up in arms!
A crash engulfed the tiny speck
As emptiness wrought harm

Against this endless hurricane
Compelling me to cease
I had but simple will of mind
My inward mental peace

The oars could not contain themselves
With shrapnel in my eyes
I broke through blusterous barricade
Blinded by shining skies

And as I lay barely afloat
On scattered scraps of wood
A lone and wary seagull flew
Up where I never could

No longer lone on waves of blue
The sea a calm cascade
Then hit the beach with sudden crash!
To black the world did fade

And so I land on scraggy shores
With manifold debris
Oh fabled Academia!
I bring myself to thee.