Ode to the Daisy 2006

Amidst the barren landscape
  \ Of the dead and wintry world
My sullen, somber footsteps
    \ Are all that can be heard
And the chilly wind that blows
      \ Envelops all around
And the falling snow it carries
        \ Covers the pallid ground

Lo! Upon this starless night
          \ No treasure to be seen
I've walked through countless
            \ Many cities of ruin
Yet the only living soul
              \ That I have yet to see
Is my own shallow reflection
                \ In the tearful Mackenzie
And yet from hope's eternal spring
                  \ A divine gift is brought to me
In clearing white a flower true
                    \ Alone and scarlet: a daisy

I rush headlong fantastically
                      \ How to believe my holy luck?
And gazing down on this last best hope
                        \ Flora herself--dare I pluck?
No time have I to contemplate
                          \ With splendor so apparent
With thought I would anticipate
                            \ My last move: oh 'tis errant
Instead I act on this forlorn day
                              \ I pick it
                                \ And it blows away