Record 2012

Names are important
When two things share a name
Thinking of one immediately
Thoughts of the other
  (like a magician)

"Record" is a potent name
(Music is a product of history)
Listening to Miles Davis
You feel, not only
kind of blue
But all the fifties washing over you

"Album" is likewise powerful
It brings to mind
A collection of pictures
  at an exhibition
Say, or a book of sketches
  of Spain
Perhaps. The music brings
To mind those places

"Single" is so melancholy
You listen by yourself and think
This song is just like me
It even has a companion
A sidekick like Batgirl
(Or my dog Brian)

These names will fade away in time
We will replace them with new ones
But really we should do better
They do not evoke any connections
And leave no space for
  Poetic possibilities