Wordmonger 2012

"Try it on," she said,
"Make sure that it feels right.
Check that it's not too loose
And not too tight."

It felt good, balanced, with a hint of poise.
I had a single reservation.

"Am I...the first?" I asked.
She smiled.
"Our quality is high, to be sure.
And the provenance of each item pure.
Yet for the price you can't expect
An entirely new prospect."

"Ah," I sighed.
I didn't really think it'd be.
But still, I held out hope.

She saw my sullen look, and said:
"I'll give you some advice.
If you want something new
But can't afford the price
Then do as Shakespeare did
And let it from inside you sprout.
For it costs but a coin to go this route."

I smiled at her.
And gave her back the word
And hurried home
And so my voice was heard.