Flash Fiction 2013

It was hard to think of anything else as I fell to Earth. I would have though that I would be more depressed about my impending doom. Instead I felt giddy. I was smiling. They say your life flashes before your eyes when you’re about to die. For me it was just one event that I kept thinking about. It was the last time I had the same sort of smile. It was ninth grade and Linda’s hazelnut eyes gazed at me from beneath her glasses. We were about to have our first kiss. For me it was the first real kiss I’d ever had. The buildup to that moment was the most intense feeling I’d ever had. I wasn’t sure when it would finally happen, or what I should do to hasten the moment along. Linda seemed content just to look at me, our faces inches apart. I thought I might move in closer but I didn’t do anything. I just sat still. I was too scared. We hadn’t said anything to each other for what must have been hours. Finally, I was about to speak, when Linda beat me to it. “It’s hard to kiss while wearing glasses,” she said. She smiled slightly and reached to take her glasses off. It must be that smile that keeps only this memory in my mind. It made me realize that girls aren’t so mysterious. We’re all just people. I hoped that Linda remembered that moment too. Otherwise the memory would end its existence in seconds. I didn’t know what to say to her but my grin must have sufficed. She leaned in towards me. It’s finally happening, I thought. Our lips touched and—!