To Set Things Right 2021

I stepped through the time gate, determined to finally stop myself from making my one big mistake. Along the crowded street I was able to pick myself out in the distance. I looked so different, yet still I recognized my face as it once had been, not yet marred by years of stress and conflict. A small diversion would be enough to stop myself from that crucial error, to undo all those years of suffering that lay in my future. I planned how to make my approach, perhaps just a passing comment would be enough. I’d have to do it carefully so that he wouldn’t recognize himself in me. Just then, a stranger bumped into me. It was her. I thought of our ruined lives, the constant fighting, the ugly divorce. But none of that was present in her eyes, instead I saw that enchanting stare that I still so vividly remembered. Those first few years were so happy, filled with laughter and love. What came after, well, perhaps it had to be that way. And so, I turned to her, I pointed down the street, and said, “He’s over there.”